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For 2018 we move back to Fremont Street for a weekend in the Motown influenced hotel casino – The D. This hotel was redone a few years ago and has some great hidden areas and eateries, a casino you have to explore to appreciate. The D has both easy access to the chaos of Fremont street or a quick, quiet back way out. Many of the HRW attendees each year have been visiting the bar on the second floor for the vintage casino machines, Motown music, and friendly bartenders - this shall be our gathering point in the hotel.


One of the attractions to the hotel this year is that they are giving us our own parking lot, so cars, trucks and even trailer parking will be free for guests at the hotel. The parking area will give us a dedicated scooter location and some extra space to do some first time ever events and entertainment.

The D offered us a great room rate of only $37 per night W/Th/Sun/Mon and $102 Fri/Sat, but we could not wrestle them out of a $20 resort fee, so it more like $57/$122 +13% tax (Vegas is getting REALLY hard to negotiate with). To book the hotel, ring them at 1-800-274-5825 and request High Rollers rate

Online booking is available NOW at (use code: DHIROLL). Stated rate does not include NV 13% sales tax and reduced resort fee of $20 per night.


RESORT FEE WARNING - Most hotels in Vegas add a resort fee which covers Wi-Fi, Comp coffee/water, self-parking, discount books, etc. These fees can range from $20-$35 per night. BE AWARE if looking at other hotels, it may look like a bargain but the fees will make it not so. Online travel booking sites often hide these fees until it is too late. So please support the rally and stay where the atmosphere is.

If you need a car, it's tempting to rent from a cheap "deal" way off the strip. We advise against that, it will take a lot of time to get there via several shuttles and won't save a lot of money, stick to the brand names at the airport

High Rollers Scooter Rally 2018

February 22 - 25, 2018

Downtown Las Vegas’ premiere mod, soul, ska, vintage scooter weekender! Four days of vintage scooter rides, live music, swap-meets and all-night DJs!


Live Music


High Rollers Weekend


The Vegas scooter rally started as a lark in 1999 with only a handful of people test piloting the concept. But the following year High Rollers Weekend was officially born.Quickly it grew and gained national recognition having UK’s Scootering Magazine attending and writing up the 2001 rally. In 2003 it became the biggest rally in the USA with 350+ British flying over and 500+ Americans in attendance. Each year it has moved and morphed much like the city itself. The rally has laid host to many amazing bands and DJs for its night time entertainment, one of the few US rallies with a real All-nighter. Daytime offers the massive number of things to see and do throughout Vegas, including great scooter rides into the desert and other miscellaneous rally shenanigans. No matter what you want to do, you can do it in Vegas. Its not just any rally or just Vegas, its an amazing back drop to spend time with scooter friends from all corners. High Rollers weekend year after year is never the same thing or same sin.

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